Chapter 2. The content editor

1.1. Projects

Each project has separate configuration and data. The user can choose one of defined projects by using the "Project" button on the upper frame.

1.2. Configuration

The user can configure some parameters defining the way pcmt application works. After choosing the "Configure" button on the upper frame the user is presented with following list of configurable parameters:

  • Output directory - the directory where generated html files are put
  • Source directory - the directory from which pcmt will read data for currend project.
  • FTP user - the login used for authorisation at the server
  • FTP server - the address of the server
  • FTP dir - directory on the server where generated files are to be copied

1.3. Editing

The user is presented with the data in the form of a tree. Clicking on a node selects it. If a node is a folder than double clicking presents its subnodes. Otherwise double clicking opens a window for modifying the text resident in the node. Under the left mouse button resides a menu with options for: deleting, adding subnodes, modifying or importing image files according to the schema choosen for the project by administrator.